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#TRDCShow S5 E6 - Jaden Conwright - How race drivers use simulators / Direct Drive vs Belt Driven

This week we talk to Porsche Supercup driver Jaden Conwright and the main topic of discussion is simulators.

Race drivers use simulators as a big part of their preparation for their overall driving and for upcoming race events.

They use it as a mental and tactical training tool.

He are the topic time stamps:

6:46 What drivers use the sim for

8:25 Drivers getting nervous on sim racing

12:10 Practicing race craft on a simulator

15:00 Online racing sponsorship and earning money

16:34 Jaden’s sim setup

19:24 Hydraulic pedals vs Fanatec Clubsport

20:19 Direct drive simucube vs Fanatec belt driven

Jaden uses the following sim equipment:

TrakRacer rig -

Simucube wheel base -

Huesinkveld Pedals -


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