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Win A Copy Of My New Book

If you have watched the video above (episode 21 of The Race Driver Coach Show) then you will have already heard that we have a bit of an announcement and a competition on the go.


I am currently writing a book that is completely dedicated to your personal performance, the mental game, and to help this provide you with what you need I would like to ask all TRDC subscribers and visitors what they would like to see in this book.

To do this all you need to do is tell me the specific area in which you would like to improve upon.


What would allow you to perform better?


Or when racing, what situation would you like to perform better in?

Some people want to improve their qualifying performance whilst others want to improve their overall confidence. For some it may be their concentration levels and for others they want to overcome their frustration when in car.


We all have different areas and situations that we want to perform better in, what's yours?

How To Win

Here is how you can win your very own free copy of the new book or audio program:


1) Send me your performance challenge via the form below.


2) I will then randomly pick 5 people who did this and I will send you the book on launch day.


3) On top of that I will personally contact you and send you a free book/audio program if we actually use your challenge within the book.


Here is the form:

Thank you for submitting. Enzo will hopefully be intouch with you soon.

Final Word

I just want to thank you in advance and wish you good luck for your free copy.


I will keep you all up to date on the book and any launch dates.


All the best


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