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NEWS FLASH! - New Book & Competition

Hello to all The Race Driver Coach Show subscribers.

We have a bit of a news flash here for you.

I am currently writing a book and recording a new audiobook for drivers who are looking to improve their performance and their mental game (I can't tell you the name just yet but it's a cool angle).

Would You Like To Win This Book?

If so then let me know 1 thing that you think is holding you back due to your personal performance / mental game.

Before launching I will take all of the answers from you guys and randomly select 5 of you who will get their very own free copy.

On top of that I will send a free copy to any driver whose specific challenge we use in the book if I haven't already covered it (don't worry you will NOT be named in the book).

I will contact you personally if I use your specific challenge.


To submit your CLICK HERE

Of you can leave it in the comment of the above video or this blog post.

So then, what's yours?

Let me know and hopefully I will be sending a book or audio download to you on launch day.


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