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#TRDCShow S5 E1 - Answering 6 questions from sponsorship, convincing parents to handling pressure

Here we go, it's time for Episode 1 of Season 5.

Here I answer the following 6 questions:

1) From Pepe – How do you handle pressure when leading a race?

2) From Alif – How do you convince your parents to let you race?

3) From Portside – How do you stand out in racing?

4) From DK – Do you think Its a good mindset to think that I certainly will reach and surpass my goal if I reach out to a million businesses about marketing partnerships through auto sport racing?

5) From Evan – What companies shall I reach out to for a non broadcasted series?

6) From David – What are the key skillsets for success in the business realm?

Thank you all for the 100+ questions that you have all sent in over winter, I will make my way through more of your questions throughout Season 5 of The Race Driver Coach Show.

All the best

Enzo Mucci


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